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The Features of Imam Ridha’s Morality

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The infallible Imams were the selected ones of the God and outstanding, distinguished and superior to all the people. They used to become the practical example for others during their lives. They taught the lesson of life to the people. They did not segregate and separate themselves from them and did not lead their lives on the style and pattern of the tyrants and oppressors. They did not overlook or show heedlessness and disrespect to anyone.

Sheikh Saduk narrates through the words of Ibrahim bin Abbas that, “I never saw Imam Al-Ridha (A.S.) committing excess over anyone in talking and interrupting anybody’s speech before its coming to the end. He did not stretch his legs in the presence of others. When the meal table was laid he invited the servants to it, and took his meals with them. After taking rest in the nights he got up and made himself busy with the prayers to God. Similar to his fore fathers he carried food to the houses of the afflicted ones at the mid of nights.”

“Muhammed bin Abi Ebad” says about Imam (A.S.) “He used mats of palm date leaves, straws and marsh reed in the summer season, and woolen carpets in the winter.”

He led a simple life in his home, but when he went out he used to decorate himself and put on new and clean dress. He respected and honored the guests to the extent that one night a lamp of the house went out of order, the guest got to his feet to put it right. Imam (A.S.) made him sit and he set the lamp right, and said, “We do not employ our guests (exploit) upon work.”

Yasir, the servant of Imam (A.S.) says, Imam (A.S.) said to us, “Whenever you are busy taking your meal, if I call you, do not get up till you have finished up eating.” Another friend of Imam (A.S.) says, “One day a stranger came to Imam’s (P) house and said, I am one of your friends and am also not a poor man but my money has finished up and I do not have the expanses to return. You give me an amount and when I return to my city I will give it out as alms on you behalf.” Imam (A.S.) got up and went to another room, brought an amount of two hundred dirhams and gave it to him from upside the door and said, “Take this and go and it is not necessary to give it away as alms on my behalf.”

They asked the Imam (A.S.), “Why did you do it this way that he may not see you.”

He said, “So that he does not catch my sight and get ashamed (embarrassed).”

A Word of Wisdom From Imam Ali Al-Ridha (A.S.)

“Faith (Imaan) stands on four supports: Trust in Allah; Satisfaction in whatever He destines; Submission to His commandments; and entrusting Him with all the affairs. The virtuous servant says: ‘..And I entrust my affairs to Allah. Indeed Allah sees best the servants. Then Allah saved him from their evil schemes..’ (40:44-45)”

[Tuhaf al-‘Uqool]

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