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Final verdict in Morsi espionage trial due 16 May

SHAFAQNA- Ousted president Mohamed Morsi will receive a final verdict in his trial on charges of espionage on 16 May.

Morsi and the 35 other leading Muslim Brotherhood figures stand accused of collaborating with foreign organisations, namely Hamas, to commit acts of terrorism in Egypt.

They are also accused of revealing defence secrets to a foreign country, funding terrorists and organising militant training “to achieve the purpose of the international organisation of the Brotherhood,” according to a statement from the prosecution.

The espionage case had been suspended by Cairo Criminal Court to allow Cairo Appeals Court to look into defence lawyer demands that trial judges be changed on the basis of claimed faults in trial procedures. The appeal was denied, however.

The defendants also face charges for inciting the murder and torture of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012.


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