Finsbury Park Mosque in London open its doors for London’s homeless

SHAFAQNA - Giving back to the community, a mosque located in London Borough of Islington, offers hot meals and psychological support once a week for the city’s needy, reflecting one of the tenets of Islam’s charity.

Finsbury Park Mosque opens recently its doors for London’s homeless once a week to show the true face of Islam. 

Social workers at the mosque recently welcomed dozens of needy people who come to share worries and hopes. 

The project “is part of several inter-religious initiatives that aim to serve the communities around,” said Mohammad Ali, the deputy director of the Mosque. 

The mosque hosts a number of activities that target both Muslims and non-Muslims, “Muslims should have a role in social integration.” Ali explained. 

According to Ishiya, a volunteer at the mosque, the homeless are finding the social security they lack on the streets. 

The mosque hopes to provide better meals with more regularity, Ishiya added. 

The mosque is now the only one in the country to have received the charity commission-endorsed Visible Quality Award for its work in the community.

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