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First Halal slaughterhouse to be opened in Philippines this month

SHAFAQNA- Local authorities of the Philippine Cotabato City said the first modern halal slaughterhouse in the country will be operational this month.

Dr. Robert Malcontento, Cotabato City veterinary chief, said that he received a message from the contractor stating that the construction work of this huge project was fully completed.

The slaughterhouse was slated to be operational by the end of 2014, but the continued rains hampered the construction schedule.

Malcontento assured that this slaughterhouse meets all the legal requirements and standards of halal meat, in terms of slaughter method, tools used, freezing and shipping.

Malcontento said: “The new slaughterhouse will be opened once we get the certificate from the Muslim Halal Certification Board (MMHCB) in Mindanao after we have fulfilled all the prescribed conditions and standards”.


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