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Five groups to be avoided

SHAFAQNA – Imam Baqer (AS) narrated from his father Imam Sajjad (AS) who said: “My son, be careful that you do not make friend or become a companion with five groups of people.” I asked: Who are they father? My father replied:

1. Do not make friends with a liar because a liar is like mirage, will make remote look like it is near to you and vice-versa.
2. Avoid friendship with corrupt person because he will sell you to a mouthful or even less than that.
3. Avoid friendship with an ungenerous person because when at the time you need his financial support most urgently, he will leave you.
4. Avoid friendship with an ignorant person because even if he wants to be useful to you, he will cause you loss.
5. Avoid friendship with a person who has cut ties with his relations because in three verses of the Quran, such a person has been cursed [1].

[1] Alkafi, Vol. 2, Ketab Alashreh, Hadith 7.

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