FNA/Human Rights Plaything

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The October report lists Iran among the dozen nations that Ahmed Shaheed has alleged do not adequately address human rights problems. The interesting thing about the report, however, is that other lists of “violators” by the UN Human Rights Council likewise read like a catalog of nations that are at perpetual odds with the United States and its allies: Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, Laos, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Such lists never include Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar – all US allies!

It’s the reason why the new report has been emphatically rejected by Iran and other independent nations, as well as those free spirits who are against the double-standard policies of the United Nations and its self-appointed Security Council members.

The world public opinion and those who have managed to set themselves free from the biased news and reports of Western media are indeed aware that the United States has done more than enough to break the previous records of Hitler in terms of committing crimes against humanity, predominantly in Japan, Koreas, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. If that is the case, WHICH IS, and that the stains on the US military are still hard to erase, then how come the UN Human Rights Council has never bothered to prove its impartiality and write down even a one-page report about America’s substantiated atrocities?

It is now an open secret that the carnage and human rights violations by the US and its allies in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, where the dead are always initially “insurgents” or “terrorists” and then recognized as innocent civilians, is a 24-7 routine. The US military is still the number one violator of human rights which always portrays carnage as justified and the death of civilians invariably as accidental, perhaps in pursuit of the enemy; hence, collateral damage. Civilian deaths are still the central fact, the very essence in the circus of global war on terror, where not seeing civilian deaths has also become a daily habit for the UN Human Rights Council and its “impartial” rapporteurs.

Another obvious example for the US breaches of human rights could be its “unwavering support” for Israel and its massacre of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Where was Ahmed Shaheed or the UN Human Rights Council when these massacres took place during the 50-day war on the besieged enclave that killed and injured over 10,000 people, mostly women and children?

The scale of human rights violations by the United States and its allies is indeed so real and so widespread that it can barely be reported in such a small column. So we rest our case and leave it to the conscientious people of the world to judge for themselves which nations violate basic human rights in actual terms: The peace-seeking nations with true concerns about global security and human rights that miss no moment to rush to their neighbors aid – without any pause or prior calculations about their own interests and without setting any condition or price – or regimes such as the Obama administration that carries with it such a great record of illegal wars, regime change, military coups, and most importantly, financing and arming dictatorships and occupying regimes like Israel and/or terrorist groups?

It is time for Western governments, the United Nations and their “impartial” rapporteurs to come to their senses and dispose of their human rights plaything. Instead, they should start thinking more about the inhumane techniques they have used and continue to use to rationalize their lawless eavesdropping, military commissions, denial of civilian trials, Guantanamo, enhanced interrogation techniques, torture rooms, renditions, extra-judicial killings, indefinite detention, and a whole slew of other illegal practices in top secret prisons the world over.


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