Fooling people in the name of security measures: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA-Schools and hospitals are indeed very soft targets for terrorists therefore Cowardice enemy attacked Peshawar School. After that there is much hue and cry for security measures of schools. Thus many private schools and some government institutions are busy extending their boundary walls, the most common security measure being taken. Some of them have placed barbed wires on their wall to make it difficult for any insurgent to enter the premises.

Some prominent private institutions that have a say in government circles have taken the help of rangers and police to have them patrol outside their premises. However, media reports indicate that many government schools, which are now the home of less privileged and poor children who cannot afford to go to private institutions to further their studies, are still unsafe as is evident from their pathetic situation owing to prolonged government negligence and lack of enough funds. In many of these schools there are no security guards and media reports indicate that many lower staff members are being forced to wear security guards’ uniforms to hoodwink society by showing that security personnel have been deployed. Although these poor people are resisting such a move, as they will just be holding batons in their hands to look like security guards, they are required to perform such a duty as part of their job description.

Many security experts and parents are questioning these flawed security measures that do not seem sufficient at all to prevent hardened terrorists from targeting schools.

Is upping boundary walls and encircling it with barbed wires is the solution???Those who did not spare GHQ the most safer place, the most secured place, what does these silly security measures mean to them.

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