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Conflicting reports surface over attack on Iranian embassy – Media manipulation?


SHAFAQNA – Following news reports that Saudi Arabia purposely targeted Iran embassy in Sana’a – Yemeni capital – to settle the score after its own mission was torched by protesters in Tehran over the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, foreign press came out with conflicting allegations, arguing the Iranian embassy remains intact.

An Associated Press reporter in Yemen’s capital said he saw no damage at the Iranian Embassy after the Islamic Republic said it was hit in an overnight Saudi-led strike.

THAT statement contradicts some witness reports which clearly identified the Iranian embassy in Sana’a as one of the targets of Riyadh’s new air raids in the city.

Ahmed Mohammad, a former Republican Guard now involved with the Resistance told Shaqfaqna that while he did  not personally visit the area of the embassy, he confirmed that residents did report explosions in the vicinity.

“I cannot personally verify for certain. However I can say that Sana’a was hit by a barrage of missile over night. Riyadh has authorized the use of cluster bombs and so it is probable great many areas were hit as a result, including the embassy area. It is not clear however whether or not the embassy was a target.”

Saudi General Ahmed Asiri, the spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s armed coalition against Yemen confirmed that he would look into allegations Iran’s sovereignty was violated.

At a press conference this Thursday, Gen. Asiri insisted that since Houthi fighters were hiding in “deserted embassy buildings across the capital” any target was fair game.



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