France: Muslim girl returns to school in ‘banned skirt’

SHAFAQNA – According to Anadolu News Agency reported that ” Sarah K, the 15-year-old school girl who was banned from attending classes for wearing long skirts, sparking an uproar in France and the world over, has returned to school in her characteristic outfit. Sarah stepped into the Leo Lagrange junior-high school in northeastern France Monday, wearing a grey floral printed skirt, confident as ever that her skirt choices had nothing to do with the business of the state. Last month, the French Muslim student of Algerian descent had been suspended from school by the headmaster, Maryse Dubois, for wearing a similar long skirt and was asked to change her outfit and then come back to school. In the letter sent to her family, Dubois had said that Sarah’s long black skirt allegedly reflected her religious beliefs and breached the strict secular rules of France. The headmaster further said that the skirt was “too openly religious.”

Speaking with the Anadolu Agency Monday while she was on her way to school, Sarah said: “I did nothing wrong, I’m respecting the law as I always take off my headscarf before I enter the school; so there is no need for me to change what I wear. I’ll continue to dress the way I please and receive my education.” While Sarah was not denied entry to the school this time Monday, it didn’t necessarily mean that the discrimination that girls like her face had come to an end in France. Anadolu Agency has learnt that there are several other girls like Sarah, who too had been suspended at the same school for wearing long skirts”

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