France’s psychosis against Muslim women needs to end … NOW!

SHAFAQNA – France has done it again. The arrogant Western power has once again spoken against Muslim women while alleging to speak for their freedom, and civil liberties – this liberation entails of course the removal of the hijab!

What is it with France and the hijab? My question is not a rhetorical one … Why does the French Republic find the hijab so offensive, and more importantly why does it feel entitled to assume that women are being forced into it.

Is that difficult to fathom that women could actually choose modesty for themselves? Are French women so weak-minded that French society would automatically assume that any female entire must have been chosen for them?

This fixation on the hijab has gone on for far too long for us not to wonder what demons in fact lurk under this feminist façade. Are French women solely defined by what they wear?

In which case does THAT no make French women fashionable commodities, and NOT as they love to clamour free democratic being?

Why do you feel the need to dictate fashion?

Are we expected to bow to France’s fashion diktat? Are we to take our queue from France when it comes to our wardrobe? Will the state now legislate clothes, as to ensure that women have just the right amount of fabric on their back?

Has society completely lost the plot? Excuse my French they say …. Well in this case I’m sorry NO you are not excused.

“Women athletes wearing hijabs are disadvantages, and the IOC should sanction countries which force competitors to wear them,” Veronique Lebar told Sputnik France.

Excuse me … what?! How so Ms Lebar? Please do educate me and tell me how exactly a hijab does pose a disadvantage?

Are you seriously implying that Muslim women need freeing against their own will? What arrogance! How many times do you need to be told that the hijab represents not a tool of oppression but a covenant with God? Women are not obliged to wear the veil, they choose to! “In religion there could be not compulsion”, reads the Quran.

Did Muslim women ask you to campaign on their behalf? I think not!

As for those other religious symbols you saw fit to ban for their angered your laicity, I ask you this: how can religious symbols be offensive? It is not the symbols you find offensive – it is the idea that communities still turn to God for guidance which annoys you.

What you truly find offensive is that people still turn to God for guidance and not YOU, and your governments.

What you truly find offensive is that despite your best efforts God still speaks to those who wish to follow.

It is religion France finds upsetting –  Islam is merely the crystallisation of all of its hate.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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