France’s witch-hunt against intellectuals continues unabated

SHAFAQNA – This is the story of Salah Lamrani, a French school teacher whose career and livelihood have been put in jeopardy after “well-thinking” bureaucrats decided that his views were incompatible with their own, and should therefore be punished.

Only Mr Lamrani never committed any offences or crimes under the law. What he did however was expressed his opinions on a blog which was his to manage and run, outside office hours, far beyond the umbrella of the Education National.

Still he was lambasted … still he was persecuted for daring argue that his rights be respected, and uphold under French law.

Mr Lamrani was subsequently suspended from his position.

In a new report published earlier this February PressTV writes: France has been repeatedly accused of repressing political speech since Charlie Hebdo attacks more than a year ago. There have been hundreds of people victimized by mere accusations, and one such victim is a schoolteacher who is now fighting for his job and his dignity. 

Mr lamrani’s friends and pupils have now joined together calling for all to take action on his behalf.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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