Freedom of expression different from insulting religious sanctities

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Agency) – Secretary General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) said desecrating the sanctities of religions has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

In an interview with al-Watan online, Abdul Aziz bin Othman Al-Tuwaijri added that freedom of expression claimed by the West should not violate the freedoms and rights of others.

His comments came in reaction to the printing of satirical sketches of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by French magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

Al-Tuwaijri regretted that when it comes to condemnation of insulting religions, there is a double standard approach.

“If there are insults against Jews, a different approach will be taken,” he noted. “We have seen media activists and writers who were jailed for speaking about the Holocaust.”

The ISESCO chief referred to the United Nations’ resolution urging respect for all religions and said the international community must follow this resolution.

Muslims across the Middle East and Africa on Friday protested at the printing of the cartoon and condemned the desecration of Islamic sanctities in the name of freedom of expression.




Source: IRNA



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