#FreeThe3 Initiative kicks off new social media campaign


CdXotogXEAA6ypsSHAFAQNA –  #FreeThe3 Initiative just kick-started a new social media campaign this April, calling for all individuals, groups, and organizations to show their support by posting pictures of themselves holding the hashtag –  #FreeThe3

Determined to shed a light on Saudi Arabia’s abysmal human rights and highlight the plight of Shia Muslims the group of volunteers is lobbying for public attention. Shia Muslims have been persecuted by the authorities to such an extent that rights activists have spoken of a genocide.

CdhlWVWWAAAJ5C6Speaking to Shafaqna one of the organizers explained: “#FreeThe3 initiative focuses primarily on the incarceration of 3 youth who were arrested and imprisoned as children in Saudi Arabia for partaking in peaceful protests. They were denied access to lawyers, denied a fair trial – and denied visitation from their lawful guardians. Their executions were endorsed by the courts and will be executed. The #FreeThe3 initiative is having people across the world take pictures of themselves holding a sign that says ‘#FreeThe3’ to raise awareness to millions on the social media platform.



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