#FREETHE3 – Activists call for public to petition officials against Saudi regime


SHAFAQNA – Right activists have launched a new campaign on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s imprisoned youth, calling on the public to take action by reaching their respective state representatives.

#FREETHE3 campaign was launched to speak on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s forgotten oppressed communities.

The most violent and repressive monarchy in existence Saudi Arabia has committed harrowing human rights violations against its own people in the name of religious puritanism.

In a land where all must bow to Al Saud monarchy, speaking truth is a deadly offence.

Find below the template letter that has circulated on social media:

We need YOU to write to your elected representative to raise awareness on the imminent executions of Ali Al-Nimr, Dawoud Al-Marhoon and Abdullah Al-Zaher.

If you would like to use a template, we have created one for you below:

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I am writing as a distressed citizen of yours to draw your attention to the neglected cases involving the unlawful and unjust arrest and planned executions of Three young Shia activists in the Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia.

Ali Al-Nimr, Dawood Al-Marhoon, and Abdullah Al-Zaher are young men who took a courageous stand for the oppressed religious minority groups in the country. They were arrested as children in 2012 and have spent more than 1500 days in prison – mostly in solitary confinement. Saudi officials have been adamant to quell and squash the uprising, hence the harsh lengthy imprisonment and subsequent sentences.

The Kingdom has a long history and track record of human rights abuses, one such being the Mabahith secret police agency which detains political opponents, tortures, and interrogates them. This agency acts with impunity, and has affiliated prisons in which it keeps political dissidents in. The Islamic Human Rights Commission estimates 30,000 people have been kept in these prisons, and the fact that the Saudi Arabian interior ministry denies any dissidents being kept in these facilities, raises considerable questions as to the treatment of these prisoners.

These young men have been sentenced to execution; an inhumane punishment of the worst kind for simply partaking in pro-democracy peaceful protests. With the region filled with more turmoil than ever before, Saudi Arabia and its Western allies MUST acknowledge the substantive consequences should this execution take place. The execution of Sheikh Al Nimr in January 2016 caused uproar across the oil-rich Eastern province as well as neighbouring countries. As you are aware, tensions are already on high alert in the Middle East with the rise of ISIS and we cannot afford further chaos to take place.

As flag bearers of human rights, I expect our government to stand against such injustice and support the calls of the people. My request, as your constituent, is that you use your influence to the best of your abilities to both highlight this case and persuade our government to condemn and intervene in the executions of Ali, Dawood, and Abdullah before it is too late.

I await your written response.

Yours sincerely,
[your name here]

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