French PM wants to save Muslims from Islam

Manuel Valls

SHAFAQNA – France’s prime minister says he’d favour a ban on Muslim headscarves in universities, prompting criticism from within his own government.

In an interview with the daily Liberation, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said France should “protect” French Muslims from extremist ideology. He said the headscarf, when worn for political reasons, oppresses women and is not “an object of fashion or consumption like any other.”

Once more France is offering to obliterate communities’ religious freedom on account Muslim women upset the Republic’s ever-insistent secular sensitivity. France would have you believe that religion is not simply “the opium of the people” but a negation of true Freedom.

Once again France chose to target Muslim women, hoping to further alienate society against them so that out of fear they would finally conform to the model the ruling elite design.

Mr Valls is not advocating freedom and civil liberties, but rather their negation.

Mr Valls is looking to strip Muslim women from their modesty by breaking the covenant they made with God, so that their faith could be shaken …. and eventually laid waste to.

This new crusade France is waging has nothing to do with radicalization or the fear of radicalization. It has everything to do however with a desire to push God, faith, and religions out of Society altogether.

Citing secular traditions, France banned the face-covering Muslim veil and forbids headscarves and other religious symbols in schools and public buildings. Asked whether to outlaw headscarves in universities, Valls is quoted as saying “it should be done, but there are constitutional rules that make this ban difficult.”

Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and the junior minister for higher education, Thierry Mandon, say they are opposed to a ban.


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