German Muslim group open hearts, homes to refugees


SHAFAQNA - Kemal Ergun, Chairman of the Germany Milli Gorus organisation has said that they will step forward to assist refugees in any way possible.

According to a statement, he said: ” Unfortunately, not a day passes now where we don’t hear news of another refugee story. What is more important is we only know what is happening if its reported in the media, and its those things that are not reported which are the most important.

The refugees are our guests until they can establish themselves with dignity. They are guests firstly of our hearts and our homes and we’ll do all we can to help them. We will mobilize all resources to ensure they have whatever they need. This is done without separation of religion or race. As AMGM, our society and our community will strive to do all for our refugee brothers and sisters. We see this as a blessing and an honour, and our faith commands to take responsibility for this”.


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