Germans can keep track of neo-Nazis with phone app

SHAFAQNA – Hitler-loving neo-Nazis are being targeted by a smartphone app that tracks their demonstrations.The technology aims to thwart far-right activists who routinely change locations and routes to avoid counter-protests. It offers information about the neo-Nazi groups plus an interactive map showing when and where they demonstrate.

It has been launched in Berlin but other cities are to introduce it as the menace of Hitler worshippers continues to grow.

Jessica Zeller, the project manager for the Berlin Against Nazis group, said it would have been useful at a recent march. Far-right groups presented the rally as citizens taking a stand against an influx of refugees. “When word spread that it was actually being organised by Hitler fans, the neo-Nazis quickly changed the route. And many counter-protesters fell off their trail,” she said. “With an app, that can’t happen.”

The device uses a Google Maps-type graphic with the route of the march in brown while orange is used for the streets where counter-demonstrators are scheduled to gather.

German authorities welcome the initiative. They warned of neo-Nazis organising and infiltrating demonstrations against refugees and Muslim extremists under the guise of soccer fans and ordinary citizens.

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