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Ghana Islamic scholar urges to stop killing in the name of Islam

SHAFAQNA – The Chairman of Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Service (ICODEHS) in Ghana Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim called on all Muslims to end all violence and oppression against religious minorities. Recalling Islam’s principles of tolerance and freedom of religion the cleric urged all Muslims to remember God’s commands by themselves behaving with reason and restraint.

Violence called Sheikh Mustapha is the weapon of the wicked, not the just and the righteous. No violence can ever be committed in the name of Islam, except when it is wielded as resistance against oppression and the defence of he weak.

In keeping with Islamic traditions, as expressed and enacted by the Prophet Mohammed and his progeny, real strength is found in the dissemination of the truth, and the opposition of falsehood.

Muslims today face an evil which seeks to distort the real teachings of the Quran by offering hate, violence, blood and division in the form of Wahhabism.
Sheikh Ibrahim added that the mandate of ICODEHS is to improve the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable and to increase their participation in the provision of professional and technical support, a world where everyone would have access to food, shelter, education and well-being.

“This mandate has made our dream a reality through the Dubai Charitable Association.”

He appealed to the teachers of the school to ensure that the children are given the proper education they require to make them good Muslims and citizens.

He suggested the need for a committee to be established to oversee the day-to-day management of the school and ensure that it benefits both Muslims and non-Muslims at the barracks and the public.

Rear Admiral Emmanuel Akoto Bonsu, Commandant at the Military Academy, expressed gratitude to ICODEHS for putting up the edifice, adding this would enhance the educational system.

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