Ghannouchi: The reason why Tunisia refused Sisi’s request to class Brotherhood as ‘terrorists’

SHAFAQNA – Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi suggested the Algerian president class the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, and eliminate them, but this was refused, the leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda movement said.In an interview with an Algerian TV channel, Rashid Ghannouchi said on Wednesday: “Al-Sisi tried to convince President Bouteflika to class the Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria as a terrorist group. However he was met with the reply that they govern us, and share in the government.”

He said: “The movement has benefited from the experiences of many Arab states including Egypt and Tunisia’s experience in 1989, and many experiences prove that numbers are insufficient for a legitimate government, it must also take care of the balance of power. The balance of power is not only determined by the fact that you were elected by 60 per cent of the people, it may be that the 60 per cent who voted for you are large in number but their influence is small. So, we must search for the weight of your supporters in the media, business, financially, in the judiciary, the army, administration, international relations and other influential sectors.”

“The number of Brotherhood supporters in Egypt were numerous and they were the majority, but the others represented strength and power, and higher morale.”

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