Google Fiber Coverage in Austin, Kansas City and Provo


Google Fiber: The Future is Here

Internet speeds have been rising steadily since the first days of the internet. Now, things are bound to get even faster with the introduction of the new Google Fiber. This new network provides speeds of up to 1000 Mbps for both uploads and downloads.

Unlike other internet service providers, Google Fiber is rolling out to cities that have interested Fiberhoods. This is in a bid to cover areas that have the highest potential first. So far, the progress is good with the Fiber dream becoming a reality for residents in Austin, Kansas City and Provo. We are also expecting further expansion in other cities and fiberhoods.

Google Fiber Coverage

Google fiber has been received with great enthusiasm in all the cities that is has been slated for installation. There are different places and locations in the rollout plan so it would be a great idea to see what the plans for expansion are like. In Austin, Kansas City and Provo, construction is already underway in the fiberhoods and we expect to see more rollouts in more areas in the near future.

Kansas City

In Kansas City, the areas that are under construction include Central Johnson County, Johnson County Northeast, Kansas City, KC Central, KC Northeast, KC Northwest and South Kansas City. Sign-ups for Lee’s Summit and Johnson County open up later on in 2015. This means that very soon Kansas residents will be able to enjoy high speed connectivity with Google Fiber.


In Austin, there are different fiberhoods and each fiberhood needs to sign up by a certain date in order to qualify. Bluebonnet has the earliest deadline of January 29th while Lady Bird Lake has a deadline of March 12th. Other hoods such as Emerald Forest need to sign up by 23rd of April while Ben White residents need to have signed up by 4th of June. Orion Creek residents has a sign up deadline of July 16 and as for the rest of Austin, we’ll have to wait and see.

However, there is a huge possibilities that the expansion of the Google Fiber network will reach more places than anticipated thanks to the increased effort by Google to get their Fiber into more US cities.


Meanwhile in Provo, constructions are already underway in fiberhoods such as Downtown Provo, Foothills, Grandview, North Park, North Provo, West Provo and Southeast Provo. There is also a Fiber Space in Provo where you can walk in and experience firsthand, the fiber experience. You will be able to prove the speed concept yourself and get a feel for what it is like to have gigabit internet in your home.

In conclusion, Google Fiber has taken the world by surprise with never heard before speeds and super fast internet connectivity. With the rollout to select US cities already in progress and other cities already in the pipeline, we hope to see more areas getting this connectivity. Google Fiber holds a lot of promise and we look forward to seeing the full range of new possibilities that will be introduced by the network.

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