Grand Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani comes in defense of the world religious heritage

SHAFAQNA – During a series of lectures in Mashhad, Grand Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani emphasized that all scholars and intellectuals protect their historic places and monuments as a means of maintaining their civilization as well as their culture and explained the Quranic reasons supporting the idea of maintaining ancient Islamic monuments and said, “The West has doubts regarding the existence of Jesus Christ since there is no ancient monument proving he had lived, this fact must serve as a lesson for us.”

His Eminence further reiterated the importance on protecting Islamic historic sites and monuments and added, “One must not destroy their cultural heritage the same way a school child tears his textbooks at the end of the school year, we must beware that future generations will need solid proof otherwise they will be skeptical of Islam’s reality.”

Expressing his sorrow for the House of Saud’s 90 years of rule over Arabia and their vicious efforts to destroy all Islamic monuments with the excuse of eradicating polytheism, he asserted, “The only ancient Islamic monuments which exist to this date is the birth place of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in Makkah which has been converted to a public library now.”

Reiterating that Saudis are demolishing ancient Islamic monuments in Makkah and Madinah with the excuse of operating development projects, Ayatollah Sobhani stated, “The maintenance of these holy sites should not be considered as a form of polytheism since it is a way to pay respect to these religious sites and to avoid future generations’ skepticism regarding the realities of Islam as a true religion.”

“We have enough solid proofs and documents to back our ideas, but unfortunately scientists and their theories are under the influence of oil dollars and it causes them to propagate against Shi’ism and no one even bothers to listen to the truth of the matter,” he said.

In conclusion, the revered source of emulation said, “There are also virtuous and pious scholars in Sunni communities in different parts of the Islamic world who are not sponsored by the Wahhabis and do not receive financial support from them.”

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