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Grand Ayatollah Sobhani warns against world disunity and animosity

SHAFAQNA – Ever since Saudi Arabia raised the specter of sectarianism through the systematic targeting of Shiites and other religious minorities across the MENA, Shia clerics have made a point to counteract violence and hatred with compassion and tolerance – hoping to offer guidance through the respect of Islamic true traditions.

Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, a prominent Iranian Shia scholar in jurisprudence stressed at a meeting: “Disagreement and disunity equals entrapment of the Muslims in a quagmire and the only rescue for them is to bent for boosting unity among themselves.”

He added,” Disagreement in some lifestyles has been a persisting issue among Muslim communities and this disagreement is due to the clerics and religious leaders in each society of Muslims.” warning,” If the disagreements continue then we have to witness hundreds of more murders among Muslims.”

The Iranian cleric placed the responsibility of boosting Islamic solidarity on scholars’ shoulders and said,” When all Muslims share the same Qibla (praying direction) and same prophet, then disagreement or dispersion or homicide of other Muslims is in vain.”

Ayatollah Sobhani warned that Muslims will not achieve success through disunity portraying dispersion as the reason for all the bloodshed among Muslims.

He blamed religious leaders for dispersion among Muslims, calling for more efforts to join Islamic communities.

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