Grand Ayatullah Sistani Congratulates the Liberation of Hawijah: The Representative of Marja’iah


SHAFAQNA- The representative of the highest religious authority in Iraq congratulated the recent military victories achieved in the region of Hawija, and described Iraqi popular forces as “men who are almost like companions of Imam al-Hussein a.s”

According to Forat News, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai said in the sermon of Friday prayers that “the supreme authority congratulates the honorable people of Iraq and the heroic men in the armed forces and the forces supporting them for the recent victories in the liberation of the city of Hawija and the surrounding villages from the terrorists, hoping that what remains under their control will be soon released.”

The representative of Grand Ayatullah Sistani added, “We pay tribute to the sacrifices of our dear fighters, of all types and ranks. We revere their martyrs and ask Allah the Almighty to bring them together with the first martyrs of Islam, and to heal their wounded with immediate recovery.”

Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai remarked that “The heroes who rushed to the battlefields and jeopardized their lives and sacrificed everything, in response to the call of the Marja’iah and in defense of honor and homeland and righteousness, they are almost like the companions of the father of the noble, Imam al-Hussein a.s.”

Sheikh Al-Karbalai said, “It is one of the blessings of Allah that we have men today who resemble the companions of Imam Hussein, peace be upon them. They race towards death in defending the homeland, and we need them.”


Source: Forat News

Translation: Shafaqna

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