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Shia Scholar calls for Unity of Islamic denominations and Christians


SHAFAQNA – Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Iranian top Shia jurisprudent in a meeting with Iraqi secretary general of Al Njaba warned against threatening plots of the enemies for Iraq and Syria vowing the victory of both countries against enemies.

Stressing the importance of fraternal ties between different Islamic denominations and Christians the cleric said,” The most important issue is that Shia, Sunni, Kurd and Christians join each other and prevent promotion of extremists since that is the only solution for both countries.”

Iranian cleric announced the preparation of Iran for helping the oppressed Syrian and Iraqi nation saying that Iran will contribute to both countries through holding conferences on Takfiri (excommunication) movements.

The cleric noted that the objective of this conference is to convene Shia and Sunni scholars together and also confrontation with Shiaphobia thoughts in an attempt to highlight the initiation of the Shia community in counter-Takfiri moves.

Senior jurisprudent underlined political and military strategies to confront terrorist and Takfiri groups and stressed,” What matters the most is to uproot ideologies of Takfir.”

Ayatollah Makrem announced that the conference on counter-Takfir will be held in a month and said the conference has included Muslim world media for a better reflection of the event and also to prove that the version of Islam introduced by Takfiri movements is far from true Islam.”

Religious leader called for efforts to inform the younger generation on true identity of Takfiri groups and said,”The world has to be informed that the west is only bragging on counter-Takfir activities while we are practicing the objective.”

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