Guards of the earth

SHAFAQNA – Ayah 15 of Surah Al-Nahl explains about the guards of the earth.


The mountains are for the balance and tranquillity of the earth.


Imam Ali (AS) said: God stabilised the earth with big and small stones [1].

As the mountains are needed to control the disturbances of the earth, as the residents of the earth need pious and steadfast human beings to save them from anxieties.

As have been mentioned in various narrations, God has chosen the Ahlul Bait of the Prophet (PBUH) to save people of the earth from anxieties [2].

Mountains have significant role in the life of the human being. They store winter snow for the origin of rivers and springs.

Mountains have different shapes and are signs for travellers.

They prevent severe shakes of the earth due to internal gases of the earth.

They prevent from the pressures of storms on earth’s outer layer [3].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon Number 91.

[2] Tafseer Noorul Thaqalai.

[3] Payam Quran, Vol. 2, Page 222.


Tafseer Noor By Hojjatol Islam Qara’ati

Quran Kareem with the commentary on selected Ayahs, Page 269.

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