Hindu pilgrims grateful to Kashmiri Muslims for saving lives

SHAFAQNA - In occupied Kashmir, Hindu pilgrims who witnessed the flash floods after the cloud burst at Baltal Base Camp in Gandarbal district have said that till the end of their lives they will not forget the gratefulness and valour of Kashmiri Muslims who saved their lives when even Indian troops and policemen were running for their lives.Ayatri from Gurdaspur Punjab said that he along with his family members were present in the camp when suddenly flash floods washed away their tent. “I can’t express in words what my eyes saw. Flash floods not only washed away tents and other items but humans were also swept away the noisy waters. We cried for help. Everybody was running for cover. Local Kashmiri people emerged at once and saved me and my family members including the two minor kids. How can I thank them. I have no words,” he added.

A young Hindu woman looking frail and hungry, Pratibah Devi, who hails from Mathura Uttar Pradesh told media men that it were local Kashmiri people who saved her life. “My husband and I had never imagined the Kashmiri whom we detest so much will turn out to be our saviours. Friday evening we realized that whatever Indian media reports about the people of Kashmir is based on white lies. Even Hindu organizations indulge in negative propaganda about the people living here. People of Kashmir are not only brave but helpful as well,” she said.

Like Pratibah Devi other Hindu pilgrims who castigated Indian troops and policemen for showing apathy unanimously said that they owed their lives to the local people of Kashmir. “With folded hands I express my gratitude to a local Muslim, who saved the life of my 19 year old son Rahul. Never in my life I will forget the helping hand that was extended by Kashmiri people towards us,” said Anil Khana from Chanakyapuri New Delhi.

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