Hope and fear

SHAFAQNA – In an exam, whatever a person writes on the answer sheet is with hope and fear at the same time. Rarely, one can be 100% sure that whatever is answered is correct. The exam itself brings anxiety and believers are anxious whether their deeds are acceptable by Allah (SWT). Whatever they do is with hope and fear, for instance spending in charitable causes because they fear if they are asked in the hereafter, how did you earn it? Where did you earn it? What was your intention? If it was not for the sake of others praising you, would have you still done it? Therefore, believers are those who are between hope and fear. As they love and follow the truth but at the same time they fear that their deeds may not be accepted by the Almighty. They love Allah (SWT) but fear that there are impurities in their belief, ethics or deeds.

Explanations by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

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