How can the lifetime of Imam Mahdi (AJ) be scientifically justified?

SHAFAQNA – In normal circumstances no one can live for 1000 or 10000 years but in other ways this is possible. If we know about the human being and who manages his/her body, then such a question will not come to our mind. I went to a dentist, he told me some teeth stay healthy for 100 years and do not decay; but if steel is used for 100 years for day and night, will wear out. If steel wears out nothing can replace it but human’s teeth are changing every day and new cells will replace the dead ones.

With this explanation, all parts of body are in motion and changing and the human soul/spirit controls the movement of all of these particles. Now if the soul/spirit of a complete human, on the contrary to habit (normal order) replaces the best cells and controls different parts of the body meticulously, then a complete human can live for millions of years (this has been proved in today’s medical science).

Maulana (also known as Rumi) said: If one day or night you sit by the river with a gentle stream flowing and see the picture of sun or moon in it, you will notice that hundreds of different pictures will come and go but you imagine that you have been seeing for hours just the first picture.

Therefore, if a person knows the soul and the dominance of it on his/her own body, and accepts that the movements and transformations of various particles in the body are controlled by soul as well as becoming familiar with wisdom and Gnosticism, the question of how a human can live for one million year or more will not occur in his/her mind. If the bond between the soul and the creator of the world is somehow that a person acquire a special force superior to normal people, then as he/she can manage his own body, also can manage outside own body as well, because outside the body is also like his/her own body.

Imam Ali (AS) in the Sermon Number 192 (known as Qase’a) said: I was with the Prophet (PBUH) when unbelievers of Hijaz told him: If you are a prophet, show us a miracle, so we can accept you. Then, they said: Order half of the tree in front of you to separate from the other half and move towards you. The Prophet (PBUH) asked: If I do this, will you believe? They replied: Yes. Imam Ali (AS) added: I saw the tree was divided into two and one half moved forward somehow that its branches were on our shoulders and the other half stayed in its place.

The unbelievers said: Order the other half to move towards you as well. The Prophet did the same. Then the unbelievers said: Order the two halves of the tree to join together and go back to its original place; with all these happening, the unbelievers did not believe. Therefore all miracles are normal impossibilities but not impossible by wisdom/rationally. Anyway, the lifetime of Imam Mahdi (AS) is a normal impossibility but not a rational impossibility.

Explanation by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

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