How did Allamah Majlesi deal with the corrupt man?

SHAFAQNA – At the time when the late Shia scholar Mohammad taqi Majlesi was not famous, a man came to him and said: I have a neighbour who is bothering me a lot, every night he gathers his friends, they drink and play loud music and dance; can you find a solution for me? Allamah Majlesi replied: Invite him tonight and I will also be there. That man invited the neighbour and his friends for dinner.

Allamah entered before any one else and sat in a corner, the neighbour and his friends also entered the house and sat down. When they saw Allamah, they became uneasy because he was not like them and they could not engage in their usual behaviour. The neighbour wanted Allamah out of the house, so he faced Allamah and said: Is your way of life better or ours? Allamah replied: Let us talk about about our way of life, then we see which one is better.

The neighbour said: One of the things we do is that when we eat in someone’s house we do not betray him, Allamah replied: I cannot accept your words. The neighbour said: This is certain among all of us. Allamah asked: Have you not been eating from God’s sustenance until now? The neighbour thought for a while and suddenly stood up and left the house, his friends also followed him.

The owner of the house told Allamah: The situation will be worse now that they left in anger. Next morning the neighbour came to Allamah’s house and said: All my life I have been eating God’s sustenance but…! Now I have repented and performed ablution and have come to you to teach me about the religious issues.

Translated from the book of “Mardan-e-Elm dar Midan-e-Amal”.

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