How do I fast when I have a burdensome job? The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz’s Fatwa


SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz answered a question about fasting and having a burdensome job.

Question: I work in a stone mill and my work is burdensome; in a way that I shift heavy stones from morning until night. If I do not work every day, considering the high cost of living, I will face difficulties to afford my family’s expenses and the rent; and if I work, from 6 am to 8 pm, I perspire continuously. Considering the burdensome job, and the hot weather, and long days, what is your Excellency’s opinion on my fasting?

The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz: If you have enough to pay for your expenses in the Month of Ramadhan, or you can borrow and pay your debt later, or you can afford to work half a day; if one of these conditions apply, fasting is Wajib. Otherwise you can do Iftar to the necessary amount of eating and drinking, and compensate after Ramadhan by fasting (those missed days of fasting during Ramadhan).




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