How Pakistan can improve law and order situiton: Shafaqna Exclusive


Pakistan has been facing worst kind of terrorism of its history. In previous year over 1500 people has been killed in various terrorist activities while more than double injured. Despite having various type of LEAs, including Police, rangers, army, crime investigation departments and others Pakistan could not control the rampant terrorism. The major issue is that 50% of LEAs have been busy in protecting political Junta. The only input may come from ISI since civilian agencies are mostly busy in political snooping. More than half of force is used in protection of police officers themselves and politicians who like to show off maximum number of vehicles following. Major chunk of funds go to procure luxury fleet of cars for police officers and an army ofministers and advisors. The corruption is exploited by the terrorists. Especially after Wahga tragedy we should have been doubly cautious unfortunately not. Reason, our system of governance is completely lop-sided and after 18th amendment it further deteriorated. No central authority take responsibility of Law and Order, in the provinces police approach in a traditional manner and too politicised. After 18th amendment major part of finances has shifted to provinces where anarmy of senior appointments in police have been created as part of 2002 police reforms. The system is done away with. On the other hand, the coherence is only in actions of Pakistan Defense Forces; on the political side formation of committee is only to shift the responsibilities from the Government in power. They are afraid to take any responsibility and thus the committees. Press conference of Advisor on foreign affairs and Interior Minister has compounded the confusion. What we need is to shed ambiguity and set policy line and leave rest to professionals. In sensitive meetings people who has been apologizing or advancing the cause of those perpetuating terrorism should not be allowed to sit. Sensitive information leak and it place the law enforcers and officials associated at risk. The terrorists have the choice of timing, point of attack and choosing the strategy.

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