How Syria’s Resistance is driving Daesh away


SHAFAQNA – Hoping to catch the Syrian Arab Army off guard on account of the ceasefire, Daesh militants attempted on Saturday morning to recapture territories they previously lost to the Resistance – a desperate bid to regain control over the Hama Governorate.

News reports confirmed that terror militants began their offensive by conducting 7 suicide attacks on NDF checkpoints in the Al-Salamiyah District’s eastern countryside, resulting in a number of large explosions that killed as many as 2 civilians and a half dozen soldiers.

Following the 7 suicide attacks on the NDF checkpoints, Daesh stormed the small villages located between the cities of Al-Salamiyah and Makhram, where they repeatedly attempted to infiltrate the front-line defenses of the Syrian Armed Forces.

For all their efforts, and their many assaults Daesh could not manage to break the Resistance, as led by the Syrian Arab Army.

While most media have been to play Syria’s resistance movement down, as it betrays a popular legitimacy and support Western capitals would like you not to be aware of, Damascus’s alliance with Hezbollah, Iran and Russia has proven formidably successful.

In al-Salamiyah countryside, like in many other areas the Syrian Arab Army and its allies managed to push back Daesh, thus liberating more territories, allowing for more volunteers and arms to swell its rank against the terror militias.

A powerful force, the Syrian Resistance is fast gaining traction across the war-battered country – proof that Syrians are still united across their faiths and ethnicity.

And though corporate have yet to catch on the ground realities in Syria, it is evident Syria has has not given up – if anything Syrians are just about ready to show terror militants whose will in the end will triumph over tyranny.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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