How to be kind towards dead people?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Qotboddin Ravandi That every Thursday night the dead people come and they call each one of you loudly whilst crying! O’ our children, O’ our relatives, be kind to us with your charity. May God bless you, remember us and do not forget us. Have pity on us, we are in dark and small prison. Be merciful and do not deprive us from your prayers (Duas) and charities. Maybe before you become like us, you will be blessed. O’ the servants of God, listen to us and do not forget us, this wealth that you have in your hands, once was with us, we did not spend it in the way of God, so they became sins and troubles for us and benefits for others. Be kind to us, even for one Derham (smallest unit of money) or a piece of bread or something. Then they shout: How near it is that you will cry for your souls but to no use, as we cry but with no use. Therefore, try before you become like us [1].

[1] Manazelul Akherah, Sheikh Abbas Qomi, Tebyyan, 22/06/2015.

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