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How to change enemy into friend?

SHAFAQNA – A man from Shaam (Damascus) travelled to Medina and when he saw a man sitting next to him, asked others who he was. They said: Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS). That man with all that propaganda, which entered his mind, became angry and started to swear at Imam Hussain (AS). He said whatever he wanted, and Imam Hussain (AS) without getting angry, looked kindly at him and then recited some verses from the holy Quran about good behaviour and forgiveness and told that man: We are ready for any service and help which you may require.

Then Imam Hussain (AS) asked that man: Are from Shaam? He replied: Yes. Imam (AS) said: I am familiar with this type of behaviour and know the source of it. You are stranger in our town, if you need anything, we are ready to help you, we are ready to take you to our house and be your host, we are ready to provide with clothes, and ready to give you money. The man from Shaam who was waiting for Imam (AS) to react angrily towards him and never thought to face such forgiveness, became so upset and said: I wished at the time, the earth would have opened and swallowed me so that I could not say such rude words. Until then I hated no one on the earth more than Hussain (AS) and his father and after that event (meeting Imam Hussain (AS), I love no one else more than Imam Hussain (AS) and his father [1].

[1] Daastane Raastan, Martyr Motahhari (RA), (Narrated from Nafthatul Masdour, Mohaddeth Qomi, Page 4.)

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