How to choose friends?

SHAFAQNA – In a letter to his son, Imam Khomeini wrote: One of my recommendations to you is that, choose your friends from those who are pious, committed and considerate towards spirituality (religion), and those who do not love the world, nor are inclined to its vanities, those who use wealth and assets to normal extent, and their meetings and gatherings are not contaminated with sins, and have kind behaviour because the effects of companionship for both sides can be constructive and destructive. And try to avoid gatherings which makes the human being to neglect remembrance of God because by getting used to this type of meetings, it is possible that the human being will be deprived from (Divine) Grace which it is an irreparable calamity [1].

[1] Sahifeyeh Imam, Vol. 16, Page 211.

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