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How to know God?

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was asked: With what thing did you recognize God? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: By God I recognized other objects [1]. (By God I recognised that there is a universe and not the other way round). In Dua Al-Sahar of the Month of Ramadhan, Imam Sajjad (AS) prayed to God: O’ God, I recognized You by Yourself, and You indicated to me Your existence and invited me towards Yourself (God), and if it was not because of You, I could not understand who You are [2]. A group of people were praising Imam Ali (AS) in front of him; Imam Ali (AS) said: O’ God, You know me better than myself and I know myself better than them. O’ God, place us in a position better than they think/imagine and forgive whatever they do not know about us [3].

[1] Menhajul Bara’ah, Vol. 19, Page 229.

[2] Dua Sahar by Imam Sajjad; also known as Dua Abu Hamzah.

[3] Nahjul Balaghah, Wisdom 90.

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