How to purify the soul?


A person who wants to purify his soul must avoid any type of unjust treatment towards God, self or others. An example of the unjust treatment towards God is mentioned in Ayah 13 of Surah Al-Luqman: “Thus Luqman advised his son: Do not associate anything with God as associating anything with God is a great unjust treatment (towards God).”

An example of being unjust towards self is to forget God and unjust treatment towards others is to ignore their rights. The most important method of purifying the soul is to avoid unjust treatment and cruelty towards others especially those who have no one to turn to. In this regard, Imam Hussain (AS) advised his child by saying: My child, avoid being unjust towards others especially the one who has no helpers except God [1].

Imam Hussain (AS) also referred to some of the worst characteristics and actions of the kings and recommended to people to avoid them; these included: Fearing the enemy, cruelty towards the weak people and be ungenerous at the time of giving and helping others [2].

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[2] Manaqeb by Ibn Shahr Ashoob, Vol. 4, Page 65 & Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, page 189.

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