How to tell if the avocados are ripe and how to store them the right away


SHAFAQNA- Avocados are touted as superfoods for a reason. They contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats along with fibre, folate and Vitamin B5. However, avocados also have a high-fat content so you must limit your intake to no more than half a fruit a day. But how do you buy the best avocado at the store?

  • When you go to a supermarket store, pick an avocado, free of bruises and one that feels heavy for its size.
  • If you are buying avocados, here’s how you can check for ripeness.  Simply squeeze the flesh of the avocado. Just make sure that you do not bruise too hard as it can bruise the fruit.
  • However, sometimes a soft avocado can also be bruised. Here’s another trick you can use to check the ripeness of the fruit. Just flick the brown stem from the top of the avocado. If the stem comes off quickly, and it is green inside the avocado is ripe. On the other hand, if the stem does not come off quickly, and the inside is brown, the avocado is not ripe. Here is abuying guide for olives, broccoli +6 other exotic foods. 

How to store avocados? 

  • Most of us are okay with leaving the avocados in the counter table until they are ripe enough and ready to eat. You can speed up the ripening process of avocado by storing it with other fruits in the bag like apples, bananas and pears.
  • And if you have got a super ripe avocado, you can keep the whole fruit fresh for up to five days by storing it in the fridge.
  • If you want to store cut potatoes, just wrap the slices tightly in a plastic wrap or just squeeze some lemon juice in the fruit slices before storing it in the fridge.
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