How to thank God?


  1. In material things of this world, look at those below yourself and in spiritual matters, look at those above yourself.
  2. Look at the dead people whose wish is to return to this world and do good deeds, so imagine you have just been saved from the grave, do some good deeds and stay away from sins. It has been reported in narrations that the greatest way of thanking God is to avoid committing sins [1].
  3. Imagine you were inflicted with a calamity and had no hope of being saved, now you have been saved from that calamity, so try to use this given opportunity. If you have been inflicted with a calamity, thank God that you have not been inflicted with a worse calamity.
  4. Thank God if your religion and morality have not been damaged. Think a lot about apparent and hidden Divine Blessings which are out of normal limits and bounds [2].

[1] Dars’haie az Akhlaq, Page 101.

[2] Sheikh Abbas Qomi Book Collection, Vol. 1, Page 459.

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