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Why humility before God is so important?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Hassan (AS) who said: Which poor and helpless person is poorer and more helpless than me? Imam Hassan (AS) was asked: How is your life? Imam (AS) replied: My days are passing by, and I have a God who is over me, and the hell fire is in front of me. Death is following me, the account (the account of my deeds) is staring at me, and I am a hostage of my deeds. I cannot find whatever I want, and I am unable to avoid whatever I do not like. The task is in the hands of another being (God); if wishes can punish me or forgive me. Therefore, who is poorer and more helpless than me [1]?

[1] Farhange Sokhanane Imam Hassan (AS), Page 225.

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