Hypocritical behaviour

SHAFAQNA – Abu Hurayrah loved Moawiyah’s colourful meals. One day people noticed him in the congregational prayer led by Imam Ali (AS), and when they protested to him about his hypocrisy, he replied: Moawiyah’s food is more delicious and Imam Ali’s Salaat is superior [1]. It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: O’ the son of Masood, after me groups of people will come who eat colourful meals, and ride their horses (vehicles) whilst made up like women who are made up with cosmetics for their husbands, and show off like women, and live like oppressive kings. They are the hypocrites of this Ummah at the time of apocalypse (the end of the world) who drink wine, playing with girls, and riding on their lusts, and they abandon the congregational prayers, and due to their carelessness they are not able to perform their night salaats, and they eat excessively [2].

[1] Rabi’ul Abrar, Zamakhshari, Vol. 3, page 227.

[2] Makaremul Akhlaq, Page 448-9

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