IAEA statement: Iran welcome to meet terms of the nuclear deal with G5+1

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano in a latest statement at the agency’s Symposium on International Safeguards: Linking Strategy, Implementation and People has welcomed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s measures to meet terms of the nuclear deal with G5+1.

The IAEA report made clear that Iran is meeting its commitments under the temporary deal, as it and the major powers are seeking to negotiate a final settlement of the nuclear dispute.

In the meantime, Gareth Porter, an independent investigative journalist and winner of the 2012 Gellhorn Prize for journalism, said “History of Key Document in IAEA Probe Suggests Israeli Forgery”.

“Western diplomats have reportedly faulted Iran in recent weeks for failing to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency with information on experiments on high explosives intended to produce a nuclear weapon, according to an intelligence document the IAEA is investigating,” the author of the newly published Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare wrote in an October 18 article.

The UN nuclear watchdog’s recent report on Iran proves that the Islamic Republic has honored the interim nuclear deal it signed with six world powers late last year.

Iran has implemented most of the practical measures agreed under the Framework, but not all of them, Amano said in the statement.

This comes as Iran and its negotiating partners opened the 8th round of new round of talks in Geneva on Oct 16 to overcome differences in the way of concluding a comprehensive deal on Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

Despite the fact that many points of differences still exist among participants in the nuclear talks between Iran and the G5+1, Iran is also believed a final nuclear talks sum-up is possible by November 24 provided the other parties in the talks show good-will and focus more on Tehran’s ideas.





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