Iamam Hassan (A.S): Reason of his death

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Iamam Hassan (A.S): Reason of his death

About the reason of al Imam al Hassan, AS, death al Sheikh al Mufeed in al Ershad book narrated: after the treaty with Muawia, al Imam al Hassan moved to al Medina, where he stayed home waiting the coming, after ten years as the head of the nation, Muawia wanted the leadership to his son Yazeed, so he planned to poison al Imam, AS, by using al Imam’s wife, Juda Bint al Ashath, Muawia promised her to marry Yazeed, also presented her 100,000 Dirham, so she poisoned al Imam, AS, where he stayed forty days then he passed during Saffar 50 AH with 48 years old. He buried by al Imam al Hussein, AS, in al Baqee. (1)


Also Esa bin Mahran narrated, Eubeid Allah bin Sabah quoted, Jurair quoted, that Mughyra said: Muawia promised Juda to be a wife to Yazeed by killinh al Imam al Hassan, AS, with 100,000 Dirham, then Muawia ignored what he promised, then she had married with one from Talha, where she insulted as a poisoned women.

Omar bin Eshaq had been narrated: I was with al Hassan and al Hussein, AS, at their home, where al Hassan went out and came and said I’ve poisoned and al Imam al Hussein asked him, who did that? Al Hassan replied, what do you want to do with him? To kill him? Allah Almighty will do the best. (2)

Al Sheikh Abbas al Qumi had narrated in his book, Muntaha al Amal: Some said that al Imam al Hassan passed in 7 of Saffar, and some said in 28 of Saffar 50 AH (3).




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Al Sheikh al Mufeed declared about the burial of al Imam al Hassan, AS, in al Baqee:

Before the death of al Imam al Hassan, AS, he called his brother, al Imam al Hussein, AS, and told him that he poisoned, which caused him losing his liver. Al Imam al Hassan, AS, said I knew who poisoned me, so after my death, shut my eyes, wash me, and move me to my grandfather’s grave, PBUH, then to my grandmother, Fatima bint Asad, and bury me there. Also told al Hussein, AS, that the people will think that you wants to bury me near the Prophet, PBUH, so please do not shed blood.


Al Imam al Hassan, AS, next will was about his family, children, also the wills that al Imam gained from his father, Imam Ali, AS.

When al Imam passed, his brother al Hussein, washed him and moved toward the grave of the Prophet, PBUH, where Umayyad gathered followed by Aisha saying: It is my home I do not want unloved one to be in, as well as Marwan saying: Othman had been buried faraway from al Medina and you want al Hassan bury with the Prophet, It cannot be, while I am holding my sword.

Ibn Abbas said to Marwan, Back O, Marwan, just we want to visit the Prophet’s PBUH grave, , the burial will be near his grandmother, Fatima, this is the will of al Imam al Hassan, AS, moreover we can bury him near the Prophet, PBUH, if al Imam wanted that. You said that you want to keep the Prophet’s house save, but you know who did the vise!

To Aisha he said; return home, one day with a mule and other with camel, to stand against the trustee of Allah, Ahl Albayt, PBUT, they will gain their right.

Then al Imam al Hussein said; for al Hassan sake I won’t kill you, then al Imam al Hassan, AS, buried near his grandmother, Fatima bint Asad bin Hashim bin Ad Munaf in al Baqee. (1)





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