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Iconic French actress on trial over racial slur against Islam

SHAFAQNA – Retired French movie star, Brigitte Bardot faces yet another trial for “for inciting racial hatred” in France after she lamented that Muslims are destroying the French Republic,.

Bardot has already been taken to court five times on similar charges.

Taking to her blog, Bardot wrote,  “I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.”

Bardot,79, is an avid animal rights activist and abhors the slaughter of animals for any purpose, including religious ones. But mainly, she bemoans “the Islamization of France.”

In 1997, Bardot was convicted of “inciting racial hatred” by publishing an Open Letter in the French Daily, Le Figaro; she complained of “foreign over-population,” mostly by Muslim families.

In 1998, Bardot was again convicted for “decrying the loss of French identity and tradition due to the ‘multiplication of mosques while our church bells fall silent for want of priests.’”

In 2000, Bardot was again convicted for what she wrote in her book Pluto’s Square, which featured a chapter in which she grieved for “my country, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.”

In 2004, in another book, A Cry in the Silence, Bardot ran afoul of the political correctniks by “generally associating Islam with the 9/11 terror attacks and denouncing the ‘Islamization of France’ by people she described as ‘invaders.’ She also wrote: “Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own.”

Along with other politicians of the far-rights in France and Europe, Ms Bardot has failed to recognize that one, Islam is not a race, but a religion, and two that Muslims are not in opposition of western thinking, terror radicals are.

Binary thinking is what has fuelled Islamophobia across Europe, this idea that Islam is the enemy of the West when it only advocates compassion and tolerance. Bigotry and radicalism are what has been eating away at society, not Islam and not Muslims.

And if indeed the West intends to live by its self-proclaimed democratic values, then surely all citizens should be allowed to chose and live their faith freely, in keeping with the Human Rights Charter.

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