If not now, then when? Yemen is dying on our watch

SHAFAQNA – For how long will we watch our communities burn and do nothing to by way of putting the fire out? How many times can we expect to attend our people’s funeral and never attempt to intervene in saving their lives.

Yemen is exploding before our eyes and all we have done is silently stand by. All we have EVER done is watched as the proverbial Rome has cracked and burnt under the flames of its tyrants. All we have EVER done is mourn … when will we decide to rise?

When will we as a people learn that Resistance is not a faraway ideal, but a responsibility we all must carry – not because it promises glorious rewards but because it remains the only real expression of our faith. Was it not God who told us that He would test us in our faith and in the Truth, He imparted onto us?

For all the tears we have wept in remembrance of our Imams, how many arms have risen in the defense of their legacy. As we forever mourn the tragedy of Karbala, as we pray for those souls who stood when non others dared for their allegiance was forever with their Imam, for they were of those who follow, will we not see that Yemen today is another Karbala?

Can you not see the shadow of Yazid behind the name of al-Saud? Can you truly not recognize that, like in Karbala, Yemen has been left to die, encircled, and blockaded? Will we not honour Imam Hussain’s boundless courage, and that of his 72 companions, and deny Yemen’s call?

Behind every death which we do not attempt to prevent it is the legacy of all of our Imams we are allowing the Yazid of our time to trample over.

Yemen is standing true for all of us, and still we have abandoned it to the fury of a degenerated house. Yemen has stood and resisted beyond what could be expected. Yemen has endured, and risen time and time again from the rubbles of its broken land for its faith demands it … will we deny Yemen our assistance, when such courage demands it, when such courage commands it.

Would you deny AhlulBayt? Would you deny the call of the Imam of our time when he will cry out? Will you even recognize his cry, when you cannot hear that of his people.

If we are the community we say we are, if truly we are brothers and sisters, then shame is our bread for we have abandoned our own.

Yemen is burning, as we are looking away still.

Yemen needs not your tears and your condemnations, Yemen needs your shoulders to lean on. Yemen needs you to make night a little less suffocating. Yemen needs to know that as his sons and daughters push back against their invaders, it is all if us who are pushing back as well.

Just as Saudi Arabia has had Yemen surrounded, so can we. We are not powerless in the face of injustice. We are not without support if we stand together. We need not to bury our people … not when we can save them instead.

Yemen is dying today …

As I write those words bombs are raining on the Resistance, the world has kept mum for WE have failed to rise a furious tide. I speak not of violence but true resistance. I speak not of an insurrection but strength in the face of odious tyranny.

Do you not remember the cries of your Imams? Our tears mean very little if we cannot see the responsibility of care we were vested with. Being Muslim goes beyond a simple testimony of faith, it is as the affirmation of a Truth greater than our needs, greater than our ambitions, and greater than our fears.

Islam demands of us to be subservient to God’s Will. Islam demands of us to rise and fall in God’s Truth, for anything else would equate to deny His authority and recognize that of another.

We fool ourselves in believing that we have a choice, that everything happening in the world is not our concern since we cannot possibly be expected to fix everything. Indeed we cannot, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to try.

If anything the Prophet Muhammad and his progeny taught us that!

Communities in Bahrain are being oppressed and we have said nothing.

Communities in Afghanistan have been targeted by radicals and we have done nothing.

Communities in Pakistan have been exploded and we have answered nothing.

Communities in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria have died a thousand death under abject fascism and we have cowered before our responsibility.

Yemen has been declared war to and we have offered no assistance at all.

It ends now! It has to end now! I beg you to remember who you are. I beg you to remember Karbala and how a handful few stood never to leave for their Imam demanded it.

Given the choice would you turn away from Hussain? Could you live with yourself knowing Hussain called and you denied him?

Our Imams are calling today, I beg you to hear them!

Yemen needs our resistance, don’t turn away ….

By Catherine Shakdam

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