Imam Ali (AS) the commentator of the holy Quran

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam on the Day of Qadeer said: Ali (AS) is the interpretation of the book of Allah (SWT) and he calls to God, be aware that the Halals and Harams are more than that I can introduce and recommend to you. Therefore, I have been ordered (by God) to take a covenant from you, to accept whatever I have brought to you from God regarding Ali Amiral Momeneen (AS) and Imams after him. O’ people, think and understand the divine verses, be careful about its (Quran’s) decrees, and do not follow dubious ones. Swear to Almighty, never any one will be able to talk about or commentate on the Quranic proclamations except the one whose hand I am holding [Imam Ali (AS)] and introducing to you [1].

[1] Wasa’elul Shia, Vol. 18, Page 142, hadith Number 43.

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