Imam Ali Holy Shrine starts the Festival of Takleef for more than 1000 girl in Najaf

SHAFAQNA –  The Women Religious Educational Division in Imam Ali Holy Shrine started its preparations for celebrate more than 1000 girl for reaching the age of Takleef according to prepared program.

The head of the division, Mrs. Azhar said in a statement to media center of Imam Ali Holy Shrine: we have agreed and in coordination with Najaf Education Directorate in Najaf to facilitate the entrance of the women preachers to enter the schools. We have coordinated with (10 elementary schools) in quarters that have low-income people in Najaf to aware the girls about this new stage of life.

She explained that the girls were divided into groups in each group (33) girls and each group named in of the names of Names of Zahra (peace be upon her) or the names of her daughters. The name will be written on a board to distinguish each group from the other. The groups will (30) groups. The girls will be taught in their schools in coordination with school administrations.

She added: the girls in that courses will be taught (fundamentals of religion, meaning of Takleef, the necessity for Taqleed, the right ablution, the right pray, legal veil and the obligation of fastening. The girls will be taught some moral matters, such as filial piety, truthfulness, honesty, memorizing 10 speeches about the virtues of al-Zahra (peace be upon her). The Division has distributed booklets on the age of Takleef and at the end of the program; the girls will be honored at the festival, which will take place on the day of the birth of Ms. Zahra (peace be upon her).

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