Imam Hassan (AS) and Ramadhan


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Hassan (AS) in the book of Iqbalul Aamaal: Every person who fasts has an accepted Dua at the time of Iftar. Therefore, at the time of breaking fast say: In the name of Allah (SWT), O’ God, your forgiveness is for everyone and everywhere, forgive me. In another Hadith (narration), Imam Hassan (AS) said: Allah (SWT) has provided the month of Ramadhan a time of competition for God’s servants. Therefore, some with prayers and worshipping for the satisfaction of the Almighty will overtake others and some due to carelessness will be in loss.

Beharul Anwaar, Allamah Majlesi
Solhul Hassan
Ihtejaj by Tabarsi, Vol. 1
Tohaful Oqool


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