Imam Hussain (AS) invited the enemy’s army to the truth and justice right to the end of his life

SHAFAQNA – In his discussions with the enemy’s army, Imam Hussain (AS) stressed his principles and never retreated even one step from those Divine Principles. But for the sake of reminding those who gathered to fight him and his followers, as well as giving them warnings, Imam Hussain (AS) repeatedly invited his enemies to the truth and justice. In another sermon on his way to Karbala, and among the army division led by Horr, Imam Hussain (AS) said: Can’t you see that right deeds are not practiced and the wrong is not stopped? In such a condition, it is necessary for the believer to be eager to meet his/her God (to die in the way of God) [1]. With these words Imam Hussain (AS) explained his aims and the purpose for his uprising, as well as declaring his readiness for martyrdom in the way of fighting the unjust and reviving the religion of God.

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 44, page 381.

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