Imam Hussain (AS): This world is a temporary abode

SHAFAQNA – In a part of his Ashoura Sermon, Imam Hussain (AS) addressed the Yazidi forces by saying: Servants of God, fear Allah (SWT) and beware of this world which if it (this world) was supposed to be given to a person, or a person to be alive in it for ever, then the prophets would have been more deserving to be living (in this world). But never, because God has created this world to be mortal with all the new things will become old and all its blessings will disappear, and its joy and happiness will be transformed into sorrow and sadness. This world is an inferior and temporary abode. Therefore, prepare provisions for your hereafter, and the best of provisions is piety. Fear God, in order to be saved [1].

[1] Reyhana Rasool Allah (PBUH) Al-Imam Al-Hussain (AS) min Tarikh Madinato Demeshq

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